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I was, a struggling forex trader trying to build wealth through trading.

The thing is, at the time I was getting inconstant results and getting emotional when I lost trades.

The big problem was that I had been taught to just keep placing trades and eventually it would come right, but it kept getting worse. That meant trading started affecting me emotionally and my relationships with my close friends, which meant I found myself lying to my friends and becoming unreliable.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

caught myself irrationally screaming at my laptop over a £50 lost trade, I had an epiphany about the hidden truths about trading and it’s not about just placing trades!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to trade the right way, profitably and consistently , because I saw I was a slave to trading, rather than it working for me.

My plan was to start talking to other retail traders to see if they were having the same issues as me, and they were.

So I started connecting with super traders around the world to understand what made them successful. But I didn’t stop there.

I then applied my entrepreneurial hat to trading and created a rock solid business approach to successful trading.

After that, I created my own semi-automated strategies, incorporating the best of automated and discretionary trading.

Building on that success, I decided to share my strategies and methodology with other traders; to see if it would transform their trading .

And the “Tribe of Traders” was born.

I now teach Forex Traders around the world to use my methods and strategies, so they can experience the same success as I do!

And that’s why I’m so excited that you are here, so you can join us and transform your trading!

You deserve the freedom wealth brings…

Founding members of the Tribe at one of our early event in 2018…

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Tribe of Traders Manifesto...
We are the Tribe Of Traders – We trade profitably –  We own our success –

We are the rebels –  The ones who trade differently – We are the genius traders who believe –

You can dismiss us – You can disagree with us - Call us gamblers - But our certainty outweighs your doubt –

We rather have the whole world against us than our own soul – We follow our heart – 

We know that it takes courage to create change –

We are the inspired traders who BELIEVE that through our success we move the world forward –

we are the Tribe Of Traders – Changing the WorldOne Trade at a Time

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“New FREE BOOK shows 7+ virtually Unknown Truths: To Get Consistent Success Trading *Any* Profitable Strategy…”

I Just finished charging through “The Truth About Trading” and really enjoyed it. I will be recommending it alongside Trading In The Zone as a must have book for traders and highly motivated people. It was very refreshing to see someone in the trading community actually addressing the importance of mindset as opposed to relying on simple lip service and then brushing over it. I loved how simple Judy made esoteric concepts and how well she was able to communicate them in a fun and easily digestible manner. Thank you again for getting the book to me so quickly!

Micheal Lea

Forex Trader

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Trading Business in a Box (TIB)

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The Tribe of Traders provides a different way of trading, there are 2 very successful proven strategies, but as Judy says there are lots of successful strategies out there. What makes the Tribe different is the way they teach you about mindset & how important it is in trading, together with learning how to be a money manager & treating trading as a business to protect your capital. On top of that they are really passionate about your success & give first class support & training.

Phil Nolan

Forex Trader

Tribe Elders

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