Don’t  regret the trades you miss!!

One of the big issues for traders is that they suffer from this thing called FOMO and  missing trades and going back over a chart and seeing the opportunities that they missed..

Seeing opportunities that they could have taken but they didn’t or seeing opportunities that they wanted to take or saw and didn’t take!!

For whatever reason!

This creates a terrible, terrible state, a distractive state off having missed out…

Regret and fear of not getting target or fear of never making another trade or catching another trade.

How many times does that come up for you?

Can you relate to that?

I want you to start being on the look out for it…

And I want you to pinch yourself when you feel it.


I want you to pinch yourself because that’s not necessary it’s absolutely not necessary.

So what, you missed a trade?

Don’t regret the trades you didn’t take, it does not matter.

In the bigger picture, it absolutely does not matter.

There are so many opportunities in the market all the time.


And if there isn’t one that day, no big deal.

There will be another one the following day.

Because if you regret….. if your attention is going on regretting the trades that you’ve missed, that’s what you’re going to be… someone who misses trades….

That’s the state you’re bringing to the market.

A state of regret, that state of fear…

And what is that?

But lower vibration.

That is not a state that’s gonna have you open minded and willing to absorb

the information the markets are trying to give you!

What you’re going to be doing is going to be putting yourself into a lower vibrational state where you were going to be projecting your believes onto the market.

Which will be that it’s fearful and full of regret.

It doesn’t give you the opportunities when you want them. Yet that is why it is so important to know what your objectives are in trading.

Got to know what your objectives are in trading!

You’ve gotta understand these – it’s critical.

But be clear about how the strategy/ies that you trade meet your objectives.

So let’s say, for example, you leave home at seven in the morning to get to work for 8am right.

And you just get home at six in the evening and you cannot go to the charts during the day.

Let’s assume that that’s the situation –  there are going to be trades during the day that you are going to miss!!!!

That’s OK.

And it is wise for you to be OK with that.

There’s great wisdom in you being OK with the fact that you’re gonna miss those trades?

But guess what I know from for a fact, with the strategies that we trade in Tribe of Traders that there are opportunities 24 hours a day for every day the market is open.

They’re not just between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. or 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.  in the day,

They are all day and all night.

So what are the times that are free for you to trade?

When can you trade?

Pick a strategy that allows you to trade those times and be grateful for the opportunities that you do take.

You will be amazed at how much and how many opportunities that

there are on the times that you can trade, when you free yourself up

from fear or regret for trades that you haven’t taken.

This makes a massive, massive difference to the state that you are in.

When you to trade when you are disciplined, focused on the times you can trade appreciating and being grateful for the opportunities the markets give you in those times and take them.

Be grateful for the trades that you take.

When you are in regret or when you are in fear or when you are feeling the fear of missing out……

That’s a lower vibrational state that you are now bringing to the market…

It’s going to make you project beliefs on to the market.

So it’s very important to understand your state when you are trading.

Know your objectives, what it is you want to achieve,

Know what time frame works for you, considering the time you have available to trade.

What are the times of which you can trade?

Be consistent about those times you can trade and

Be open to seeing the opportunities that the market gives you at that time.

Never, ever regret the trades you did not get to take.

Never have fear of trade’s that you’ll miss because that is going to have another impact, which is going to shrink your time horizon.

One of the biggest damaging beliefs that that traders have is that they need to make target-  Now.

They need to get winning trades – Now.

Now – EVERYTHING  must happen NOW.

That an indication of a shrunken time Horizon,

When you have an extended time horizon you understand that your target and your goal is over a period of time and you achieve, that goal based on a whole series of trades taken over time.

It isn’t this one trade that you missed yesterday, that one trade you missed two days ago.

The one trade you missed last night. It’s not going to impact your longer term returns.

Okay, let us get them out of your head.

Extend your time horizon.


Understand that your goal is the sum off a whole host of trades you will

take in your trading career..


If you are regretting or fearing the trades that you missed you are in actual fact subjugating yourself to the market when you think about it.

If you are regretting the trades that, or feeling angry, frustrated with trades that you’ve missed, what you were doing is you are letting the market overpower you and any area of life you’re overpowered, you’re not gonna be empowered, right?

That’s what I always say in the area of life. Your not empowered. You’re going to be overpowered.

Being overpowered is not a good state,

It’s not a healthy state for successful trading.

So if you have fear and regret of the trades you’ve missed you perceive the market doesn’t give opportunities when you are at the charts on your times your trading, you are becoming a slave to the market.

You’re allowing the market over power you.

Always be in control. You are in control. You are in charge. You’re the director.

You are the architect of your success in trading, trading, and the market works on your

terms, not the other way around.

Your strategy needs to fit in with your objectives. Okay? So if you like, for example, trading

Pogo or Bugsy in Tribe of Traders.

You Know, we have done the research, their statistical analysis to demonstrate that there are opportunities, for you to achieve your goal 24 hours a day for every day in the markets open.

Know that and understand that and be at peace with that

And then just allow yourself the opportunity, the freedom to connect in with the market without fear, without regret, with just inspiration open without the filters and lenses on your eyes, projecting your beliefs into the market.

And be open to receiving the information the market is telling you allow the market to tell you what to trade.

You need to be open to receiving the information that the markets telling you rather than seeking trades out.

This will help you a lot – because a lot of traders battle with the need to be right.

Okay, so here’s a great hack for overcoming that. If you are the sort of person that has a need to be right.

Here’s a great hack.

Be open to allowing the market to tell you what to trade rather than you seeking out what to trade.

Therefore, it is not about you being right. It’s about the market being right. And let the end of the day We all know the markets always right.