You have heard of Warren Buffett’s quote I am sure?

‘If you can not control your emotions you can not control you money’.

In this blog I want to talk to you about embracing support

and challenge.

Because this is, in my opinion, the biggest area that most

traders fall down.

If you embrace both support and challenge equally – you will go a very long way to managing your
The biggest challenge the majority of traders actually have –  resist the temptation to run to the next
shiny object… the next tempting strategy as soon things get hard or stop being pleasurable or easy!
They run a mile as soon as the going gets tough.
This is exactly what not to do for successful trading.
You would be wise to embrace both support and challenge equally in your trading to build financial
If you’re not prepared to do that, you’re wasting your time, it’s quite simple.
Think about it like this. We all have a set of values. We all live with in accordance with those values.
What we love. What we like. What we’re here to do.
What our purpose is. What our mission is.
All of that, and our values support our purpose.
And we will like and love people and things and situations that support our values.
The moment something or someone challenges our values, we label that or them bad and run
That’s what happens.
If you have a value on wealth building and you’re trading as a tool to build your wealth, you’re going
to want to make sure that the trading you’re doing is going to support your values.
Now here’s the thing. The majority of people don’t understand that challenge, in actual fact, is part
of the whole, first thing.
Second. Most people don’t understand that challenge is the universe’s way of guiding you to wake
up to what the truth is and where you should be going.
So the majority of people, when they feel they are challenged by something, or someone, they run a mile.
They label that person or that thing, turn around and run the opposite direction.
Now, because we want to run away from pain and towards gain.
If you’re doing that in your life you’re definitely doing it in your trading and if you’re doing it in your
trading, you might as well give up.
Because there’s no such thing as trading without challenge, not going to happen, simple, not going
to happen.
You will always have challenge when it comes to trading, always.
Get used to it.
Start loving it.
Start embracing it.
Because it’s that challenge, when you start to really look at what challenge is, what the truth behind
challenge is, that it is in fact not something to be afraid of, but something embrace, because it’s the
universe’s way of showing you unconditional love.
It’s the universe’s way of showing you how to wake up to what the truth is.
So for example, in your own life, where have you in your own life had challenge and labelled it bad
or labelled somebody bad and run the other way?
I’m going to ask you to have a look.
Stop, right now, have a look back at that situation with that person or with that situation and ask
yourself one question.
Is there something in that experience that I can learn from?
Because what you’re trying to do by assuming that everything associated with it was bad and
labelling it all bad is assuming that there’s no two sides of the coin.
You’ve heard all of these phrases, all of these clichés, they all come from somewhere.
They all come from something and they’re all based on something. They’re not just pie in the sky
They’re all based on something real.
I know we like to call them clichés, but they’re not.
So where in life, is there not duality?
Night and day, good and bad, kind and mean, love and hate, there’s duality in everything.
The same with support and challenge.
And by saying that there’s no benefit in challenge, there’s no benefit in night, there’s no benefit in
mean, you’re trying to live a half-life.
You’re trying to separate the inseparable.
It’s not possible.
There will always be challenge in whatever it is that you’re doing.
But that challenge changes shape and has a different perception for you once you wake up to the
fact that that is the universe’s way of showing you the way, the truth.
That is essentially what is encapsulated in the concept of unconditional love.
That is what the universe is doing for you, not to you.
So next time you’re feeling challenged by your trading, ask yourself why.
Instead of running, stop, face it, ask yourself, “Why is this happening?
What am I missing?
What do I need to learn?”
As my mentor and someone who has transformed my life many years ago says, “The quality of your
life is dependent on the quality of questions you ask yourself.”


So ask yourself the question when you’re feeling challenged in trading,


“What can I learn? What do I need to do differently?”


Because mark my words, the moment you are challenged in trading that’s the time to stand up to it… learn from it, embrace it!


Now this challenge could be that you’ve got a successful strategy but you can’t make it work for you.


You’re not getting the targets that you would like.


It’s not giving you the results that you would love.


I see it all the time in Tribe of Traders with guys that come in and they think that POGO and BUGSY is going to

make it all work for them, and it will, as long as they embrace the fact that successful trading is about trading in a

certain way.


And that certain way is essentially modelling the Genius Trading Model, but if you don’t do that and expect BUGSY and POGO or whatever strategy you’re trading to do all the work for you, you’re going to be bitterly disappointed, because it’s about how you approach your trading, that’s what’s going to be the difference between you being successful or not, not the strategy itself.


And the moment you’re being challenged by the strategy that you’ve now latched onto because you think that is going to give you your trading success, the moment it doesn’t give you that success that you expect from it, you’re going to turn around and run the other way and look for the next thing and you’re going to go through the same cycle again and again.

So here’s the thing, it’s time to stop running from challenge in your trading.


It’s time to stand up, face it and ask yourself,


“How is this serving me?


How is this benefiting me?


What do I need to learn from this?”


And then start having that line of inquiry inside of yourself, because successful trading starts inside, it doesn’t start outside.


Have a mantra, ‘I embrace both support and challenge equally in my trading, to build my financial security.’

The moment you start embracing that, seriously on a cellular level, embracing that in all it’s forms, you will start to experience a completely different trading experience.


And what’s even better, this is why I call trading the gift that keeps on giving, it will filter through into other areas of your life and watch the other areas of your life transform at the same time.


You’ll be unrecognizable.


I’ve seen it too often and I’ve done this work for too long for it not to be the case.


I’ve seen it over and again. I see it everyday in Tribe of Traders.


So, that’s your new mantra.

‘I embrace both support and challenge equally in my trading, to build my financial security.’