I suggest you use a powerful mantra – my favorite is I trade from inspiration.


Today is going to be quite, it’s a quite important, it’s a very important topic actually. My suggestions
to you is a mantra that revolves around the state that you’re in when you go to trade. I would suggest something like, I
trade from inspiration. Because the thing is, the majority of traders, I would say 99% of traders, trade from fear or
greed. Now no, do not automate… People don’t like the word greed, and it’s silly really, because it’s a human trait. I
mean, we all have it in some form or another. Don’t run away from the word greed. If you feel like, oh, I’m never greedy.
Well, yeah, we all are. We all want more, so it’s perfectly okay, it’s perfectly natural.

When it comes to trading, trading from a place of fear and greed are typically lower vibrational states. Fear implies lack.
Fear implies that if you don’t get this opportunity, there won’t be another opportunity. Greed is also a fear of missing
out, it’s also you want to grab as much as you can, because also it comes from scarcity. Neither of which are either
useful, appropriate or supportive beliefs in trading.

I thought it was quite relevant and apt to talk about that today, because today is Monday the 24th. We’ve got one week
left of the month. Irrespective of where you are at in your trading this month, how close or far away you are from your
target, do not allow, you’ll be wise not to allow, fear or guilt to come into your decision making.

Trade from inspiration; that is your mantra going forward. It’s an important concept, because when you are inspired,
you are obviously vibrating at a higher level. You’re not being driven by scarcity. Now the thing you need to understand
with trading, with the market, is that there is always going to be opportunities.

So there’s two things that could happen here, coming into the last week of a month. One is that you are close to your
target, you’re on target and you just want to get more, because you’ve had a good month and you want to get more in,
so you’re going to be seeking out more trades. Or you’re just so close to your target you just want to make your target,
you’re going to be seeking out more trades, which is, that’s where the greed element comes in. Instead of being in a
position, coming from a state of confidence and gratitude, grateful for where you’re at, and being inspired to take a step
forward, build your account, reach your target by the end of the week.

The other one might be that you are in a draw down or you haven’t reached target, or you’ve had a frustrating week of
just going break even. You want to see if you can actually grab some from the market, grab some profit from the market
before the month end. Both of those states are going to mean that you are going to be trading your beliefs in the market.
Now, as we’re always going to be trading our beliefs in the market, it is very, very vital that we eliminate as much of
those as possible. That’s the vital part of it. There’s two ways of doing that. One is being inspired, being in a state of
inspiration when you go to trade. What does that mean for you? What does that entail? What does being in a state of
inspiration mean? It’s different for everybody. Absolutely different for everybody. For me, one of the ways in being in
the state of inspiration is to have gratitude for where I’m at and what I have achieved for the month. Regardless of what
the results are, there’ll be some benefit that I’ve gained from the month. Regardless of what the results are, what have I
learned? What have I gained? How can I have gratitude for where I’m at in the month, what my trading results are so