Download Current version of POGO

Download the Infinox MT4 Installer

Click here to download the Infinox MT4 Installer

Accountability Setup

Step 1: Go the Terminal window – View – Terminal (CTRL + T)

Account History Tab, right click – select All History

Step 2: Tools – Options – FTP tab:

FTP Server:

Path:  Null

ftp login:

Password: ***********  (enter password)

Tick Passive Mode

Press the test Button :

and check the terminal window for the following Message

“Publisher: ok”

“Publisher Starting”

Account tester

Click here to download Account Tester

New Trainees

Download the current version of POGO_Alerter

Click here to download POGO_ALERTER

Download the CI MT4 Installer

Click here to Download the CI MT4 Installer

Download Current version of Accountability Report Generator

Click here to Download the current version of Accountability Report Generator

Once you click the link the file will be downloaded to the DOWNLOADS folder

Open the folder, double click on the file zip file “Accountability Report Generator”

Right Click on the file “Accountability Report Generator 2018.ex4” select copy

Go into the terminal which is been used for Accountability and select File – Open data folder – MQL4 – Experts and right click and Paste the file.

Close this window , go back to the terminal

Go to the Navigator window –  click on experts and press refresh

The EA will now appear

Open any chart, drag the Accountability EA onto the chart.

Download Current version of The Trade Placer

Text for Installs


/  forwardslash

\  backslash



_    Underscore

P (capital P)

£  (pound sign)

$ (Dollar)

Default Templates

Click here to download the POGO default Template

Click here to download the POGO_Alerter default Template

Download Current version of BUGSY

Download Current version of Trade Manager

Tribe Of Traders Software download

Click Here to Download Tribe Of Traders latest Software versions:

2 December 2019
New versions of Instlist, Marketchange and BUGSY_DEMO - there are no functionality changes - all the changes are to execution speed etc - So these needs to be updated.

14 November 2019
The only change is to Trade Manager 2.8 - there are no functionality changes - all the changes are to execution speed etc - So this needs to be updated. Trade Manager version 2.5 will no longer be supported. This is a mandatory upgrade. The download file also contains a PDF document on how to use Trade manager

8 October 2019
Trade Manager now allows you to manage all Trades in your Account or You can select to Manage all Trades using the strategies -POGO, BUGSY or MANUAL or Strategy & Symbol or purely on a Ticket basis

READ THE RELEASE NOTES FOR FULL DETAILS - these are included in the .ZIP file as well as Instruction on how to Install the new Software

5 August 2019

POGO and BUGSY have had 2 changes:

The first is the USA FIFO regulation change which does not affect any UK or Bahamas clients - currently this only affects OANDA Corporation US clients.

The second is much more interesting this allows you to scale into a trade up to 3 times.  Please make sure you read the Release notes and practice using the scale in facility on your demo before using it on your live account. This allows you to place more trades on an instrument - ensure you understand the risks involved before using this feature.  We will be covering using the enhanced ScaleIn feature of POGO and BUGSY together with Trade manager to maximize your returns  in the Tech Intensive 2 day event extensively -  places are still available to attend please contact me if you are interested .

23 July 2019

The changes to Instlist_v4 allows you to open another chart directly from the instlist chart to place either POGO_Alerter or BUGSY_ALerter by pressing the TAB key , and then dragging either POGO/BUGSY_Alerter onto the new chart. This speeds up your watchlist creation.

The changes to POGO and BUGSY (Live and Demo) are all back-end to add more messaging and protection against trades taking if you place these EA's on the incorrect timeframe. Also if  you AutoTrading off they will immediately remove and give you an Alert - saving you time and frustration

12  July Upgrade

The changes to Instlist and Marketchange are all back-end and you will not notice a difference in functionality.
You will need to upgrade the BUGSY_DEMO to get around the expired license issue there are no other changes.

June Upgrade:

A file "Tribe Of Traders Software bundle 01 July" will download into your downloads directory, copy this file to your VPS, open (unzip/extract) the file and copy and paste the EA's and Indicators to the appropriate terminal as indicated under terminal.
To copy -  open the zip file - right click on the file and select copy.
In the terminal - For EA's such as  POGO/BUGSY/Alerter
select FILE - OPEN data Folder - MQL4 - EXPERTS  - right click and paste (You may be prompted that the file exists - select overwrite or copy and replace)
In the Terminal for Indicators
Select  File - Open data Folder - mql4 - indicators for the files which are indicators.In the Navigator window - select Expert Advisor and/Indicator and right click and select refresh - the files will now appear in the Navigator window.