You cannot be sabotaged by unconscious behaviours, by unconscious limiting beliefs, because those are crushed when you’re why is so powerful. They mean nothing, they just mean nothing.

Big turning point coming up… . A really good reason for getting clear on the topic I want to cover today and, I think its  a good reason to be having this conversation now for a few reasons.

After this weekend now, English supporters. I am sorry. I am going to be speaking about South Africa rugby team. All right, but I want to raise a particular point about the South Africa Rugby team. (Watch Video Here 24 mins)

So don’t run away. Please don’t walk away. Please don’t turn off right.

I think there’s something very powerful we can learn from that. But not just the rugby team, but also golf and racing and tennis, OK so I won’t just be talking about rugby.

But I just think right now, here we are sitting at the beginning of November, 2 months and it’s the end of the decade. A whole new decade starts  in a couple of months time.

It’s time that everything changes and we bring to life what it is that we really, really want. All right, it really is.

The time is now.

The South Africa tagline or campaign for this World Cup was Stronger Together.

So appropriate.

But in 2007 when they won the 2007 world cup their tagline or marketing line was The Time Is Now and it is the time is now for so many reasons.

The time is now for you to get clear about your why, all right, it’s time is now two gets crystal clarity on your Why?

What is it that you would love to BE,  DO and HAVE in your life?

Now we’ve got two months to the end of this decade.

We’re entering into a new decade in a couple of months time, frigging make that the best ever.

All right, you’ve got a couple of months now get really clear.

I shared it earlier. I was on a webinar with some of the Tribe earlier. What we call a Focus Session.  I shared the story about what happened inside with the South African rugby team.

The current coach, Rassie Erasmus, took over as coach only 18 months ago.

18 months ago,the South African rugby team were in a complete disarray. It was a mess. They were not winning anything. They were a disjointed team. They were not cohesive. They were like individuals that made up the squad. There was no drive, no ambition apart from each individual’s agenda.

But Rassie Erasmus came in and he read them the riot act and he says, continue like this and Rugby World Cup is coming up. You’re gonna go nowhere. You’re gonna achieve nothing.

Stronger together, come together as a team and we stand a chance.

It’s been 12 years since they were the final and they won it in 2007 and here 18 months ago, they were not even a team to be reckoned with and World Cup coming.

And then on Saturday, they walked away with the Webb Ellis Cup.

Having listened to the interviews and over the past couple of months, having followed the team. Listened to how they’re working, how they’re progressing, what it meant to them, like the captain Kolisi, when you look at his background I mean, that man as a child went hungry, there was no food on the table.

He lived in squalor in squatters. He had lived in a township. He didn’t have shoes.  They didn’t have  green fields to play or practice on. They had a dust  to play rugby on

But he had a vision.

And so many of the team members are the same. Guys came from nothing but had a vision.

They left their country, they left Zimbabwe to travel to Cape Town. As a young men, as a 17, 18 years old to follow their passion, his vision, his why.

He just wanted to wear a Springbok jersey.

He was desperate to where  a Springbok jersey and he did what it took in order to get there. And people told him he really was mad. People told him he would never be accepted. People told him he was crazy. It would never happen.

But this team, they decided 18 months ago that they’re stronger together. Came from all different walks of life, from privilege, to under privilege, different races, different cultures.

They all came together. That was the one thing, that was the one thing that made them strong.

But what really made it stronger,  what turned them  into world champions, taking the Cup like they did, beating England. A team that is to be a force to be reckoned with, England is a powerful team.

They played their guts out through this whole tournament.

As far as the England team were concerned they had the cup.

But they didn’t have the one thing that South Africa had.

That team, they were no longer playing for themselves.

They were playing for South Africa as a nation.

There were 54 million supporters behind them because the country needed it and they saw it.

They saw that their campaign, marketing lines stronger together meant so much for South Africa, which is going to quite a lot of upheaval at the moment. A lot of pain there.

What the Springboks were standing for, that is what they played for. It wasn’t about themselves and it wasn’t about them as a team or individually. It was from stronger together on what that represented for the country.

They knew they had to lift that Webb Ellis cup for the country.

Their why was so big that the the team that was due to win didn’t stand a chance.

That power of why is unbelievable. You can move mountains when you are deeply clear.

Crystal clear on what your why is.

Crystal clear on what it is you want to achieve in your life.

And why you want to achieve it.

You will do anything.

You will break the most solid walls.

You’ll crush the mountains.

You will do anything to achieve it.

Nothing will stop you.

Nothing can stop you.

That energy is unbelievable.

You cannot be sabotaged by unconscious behaviours, by unconscious limiting beliefs,

because those are crushed when you’re why is so powerful. They mean nothing, they

just mean nothing.

You know, the limiting beliefs that self doubt, the noise, all of that stuff.

It means nothing when you are crystal clear on your why. Why it is you want to be, do and have in your life.

What it is that you want to achieve, what you would love to achieve.

When that is clear in your mind, to a point that every single time you think about it.

You just live it.

It is you to the core of your body and every cell in your body.

It is you.

You are it.

There is no time, no space, absolutely no capacity for the limiting beliefs or doubt.

No sabotage. No unsupportive behaviour, no unconscious unsupportive behaviour.

It doesn’t exist because you were so focused on the end goal. You as so focused on achieving it.

You’re already there.

For me,  that is what the South African team represented over the weekend.

That is what they demonstrated.

From nothing, from a bunch of people who knew how to play rugby but did not know how to play as a team.

Were not cohesive as a team, and were battling a lot of race issues,  South Africa rugby, just seems to have been  rife with race issues. Historically being sort of a white elitist sport.

Whereas now to this point in time, where it’s all races came together and for the first time, a black man, captained the team and lifted that Webb Ellis Cup. Stronger Together, their why was so so powerful?

Another man, incredible sportsman, who demonstrated the same just recently in October when he won yet another International Cup golf Cup in Japan.

Happens to be in Japan as well. Tiger Woods.

When he reached the top  And he was a champion. He just seemed to be unknockable. He was the hero.

He had come from out of nowhere and was unstoppable.

And then all this drama came out about his life and he was put in the pit and everybody hated him.

Everyone said he, That’s it. He’s gone. He’s finished. He lost sponsorship’s. He lost so much. He lost reputation. He lost everything.  Everything. Everybody had written him off.

Even his early attempts to make a comeback.

He was ridiculed and people laughed him off.

They wrote him off, but he had a greater purpose.

His purpose in life is to be the best golfer ever and demonstrated by that and evidence of that is the fact that he had the courage to come back after the world had written him off, never expected to hear from him again.

He came back.

He came back to a bunch of ridicule.

He didn’t make it.

He wasn’t making it.

Was was screwing up but he persisted because his why was so big, so powerful and I can only imagine,  he lives his life in accordance with this philosophy that I have,

‘I’d rather have the whole world against me than my own soul’   when I think of Tiger Woods, that’s how I feel about him.

That’s what his life has demonstrated.

He would rather have the whole world against him than his own soul.

He followed his soul.

He followed his heart because he was crystal clear on what his purpose is, what he is here to be do and have.

And he embraced the support and the challenge in order to get there. And he did what it takes because he’s got one goal in mind. He was crystal clear about it, and he went for it on by God, he’s reached the top again.

He is that unstoppable Tiger Woods again.


Because he’s clear on his why and he’s clear on is why – the noise of the masses doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter a damn.

He doesn’t care about the hyenas snapping at the at the heels of lions, and neither should you.

When you’re crystal clear on your why, nothing stops you not yourself, Not your limiting beliefs, Not your unconscious sabotaging behavior’s not you the people around you, not what other people say or think about you.

Nothing matters when you are crystal clear on your why.

Andy Murray is another one.

People have written him off. He’s come back on won another major international competition.

Another example of a sports winner,  look at Serena Williams. I mean, how how many times she has come back?

She’s come back, unstoppable.

These sports people represent what it is to be clear on what your vision is. Be crystal clear on what you purpose is. And the extent on which you are clear will be the extent of which you will achieve it.

But it’s not something that’s going to  just come into your life.

You have to step into it now.

This is November OK and this week I want you to get crystal clear on what your why is because I swear to God, I swear to everything every God, whatever it is that you feel drawn to,  the universe, whatever it is for you, I can tell you with hand on heart that you have a purpose.

You just need to get clear on it.

And when you clear on it, there is nothing that stops you because that clarity that that

the depth of that clarity is enough is more than enough to give you the how.

Don’t worry about the how because the why gives you the how. Okay, Don’t worry about the how.

Don’t worry about Yeah, but how do I do this?

Don’t worry about how do I do that?

Don’t worry about that, okay?

Don’t worry about that.

Your job is to get crystal clear on what it is.

Your next job is to step into that now.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Not in January.

Not next year.

Okay, now you step into it now, that team that walked onto that field on Saturday, they had won it. They had already won it in their mind.

It was done.

They were already the world champions.

It’s the same as how Serena Williams turns up to her games. And it might be that since having a baby for Serena Williams why is shifted her why is  now her daughter, her family. And that happens.

Your why can change?

Maybe she hasn’t made this shift. Maybe she doesn’t make the shift to see how  maintaining her world champion status is powerfully serving her family as well. Maybe she’s conflicted but she’ll come back. Sure of it,  just like Tiger Woods.

I mean, she’s as strong a player as ever.

Your why will carry through all the hows.

But the other part from being crystal clear and the extent of which you were clear and that will be the extent of which you’re able to be it on bringing into reality.

That’s important. It’s very important,  be very clear.

But also the extent of what you’re clear on that will lead you in terms of the how, because you’re not looking for outside trying to think Well, how do I do this or what do I do next?

Trading or otherwise it doesn’t matter. This doesn’t matter. It’s not just about trading.

It’s about Your why in life.

And that feeds into everything that you do. As I always say,  when your crystal care about your why and when you let that be your North star. That’s where you’re going and you step into that role.

You own it.

There are no decisions. Decisions are a thing of the past.

Decisions are something that you need to make when you needing outside motivation or needing, when you’re working from the head, when you’re trying to navigate stuff, there’s nothing to navigate when you are crystal clear because everything comes from the heart and soul and it just happens.

You just know what to do.

You just know you’re energetically vibrating on such a high level that you’re in tune with the universe and that you just know what to do next.

Sometimes when  I’m so inspired I can look at a chart and I have no idea why I want to get into that trade.

But I get into it and it does what I I had anticipated it to do. There is no decision.

It just feels right. Its the same with absolutely everything that you do in life.

That saying that why carries you through so much in life.

Not just trading, but any form of wealth building.

Anything in your relationships, anything in social and community in all areas of life.

So I want you this week to get clear on your why and you know when you’re clear on that why because it will bring tears to your eyes. You’ll get goose bumps, it will make your hair stand up.

It will make you so inspired.

Your heart feels like it wants to burst.

You will be so inspired by it.

That’s when you know that you’re crystal clear on your why.

What is it that you were born to be do and have in this lifetime.

Get clear on that this week and then spend this month and next month mapping it out, being crystal clear on every single element.

And start stepping into it so that by the time we get into the first of January 2020,  a whole new decade, a whole new opportunity, a whole new life opportunity opening up for you.

You’re ready to bring it in.  To bring it home and to be that person, not the person that is doubting.

That is crushed by limiting beliefs, that is frustrated with unconscious or subconscious sabotaging behaviours. where you say why did I do that?

Why did I do that?

What happened there?

All these sort of things.

All this noise, all this shit because that’s what it is It’s just shit okay.

Ignore all of that.

Because when you focus on the why, when you’re why has big enough you don’t even hear that. That doesn’t even come into play.

And you know, the beautiful thing is, you dissolve all of that the more you are stepping into your why and you look back and you think how the hell, how the hell did that ever happen? How the hell did I ever doubt it?

You’ll be well confused about how you ever felt like that, because that all goes away because that’s just noise and it doesn’t belong with you.


You deserve to live the life that you were born to live.

I swear to God, I swear to you that you can do it. I know it.

I know it as much as I’m sitting here living and breathing and know you could do it.

And being clear about that – that’s heaven. In my view, that’s heaven. Hell is not being clear.

Having doubt, having the self doubt, listening to this noise, this sabotaging noise in your head, comparing yourself to other people, comparing you to comparing yourself to what you think your life should be.

Comparing yourself to what society says you should be, that is hell.

Heaven is stepping into who you were born to be do and have.

In there is joy in there is tremendous inner peace.

And there is challenge equally as much as support.

But that challenge is the universes way of keeping you focused.

You’ll get challenged.

Make no mistake about it. Make no mistake, the universe is like supporting and challenging equally.

That’s what it is.

But when you are in pursuit of your why you will embrace challenge as much as you will embrace support because you will see and appreciate and actually love, the fact that it is the universes way of keeping you on track, I know it.

I’ve seen it.

I’ve experienced it.

I’ve been through it.

I’ve seen both sides of the story. I’ve been victim to challenge.

And then I’ve turned around, turn it around and said, OK, so how can it support me?

How can I ‘mine’ this challenge to powerfully support me?

And  I love challenge because it’s my opportunity to say OK, so what am I not seeing?

Where am I missing the opportunity?

What is the universe trying to tell me?

And what can I learn from this to powerfully and impact and powerfully help my why.

So that’s what it is for this week, guys.


Obviously inspired by the springbok win on Saturday, but also Tiger Woods. And also Lewis Hamilton, six time world champion my gosh, incredible feat.

So certainly inspired by amazing sports people today.

So  have a wonderful day.

And I would love you to spend this week getting really clear on your why.

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