“I love that…. if we introduce emotion/beliefs into our trading, we then have an untested strategy.”

Quote from Patricia one of the Tribe Traders this morning….

She is 100% spot on!

This is what happens when we introduce emotions and beliefs into our trading! 

Remember, I think it was John Ford, was it John Ford? who said whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re absolutely correct.

(Watch Video Here 8 mins)

And you know, it’s so true whether you believe you can or you can’t you’re absolutely correct.If you believe you can, you’ll make it happen. You believe you can’t, you also make it not happen.

Our beliefs in trading, and knowing what our beliefs in trading is so essential.

Because there are a minimum of three sets of beliefs that we bring to the market every single time we trade.

The first are the beliefs around the strategy, which is hopefully well researched and well tested set of beliefs – like our strategies POGO and BUGSY.

But when you introduce what I call situational beliefs, which would come from whatever’s going on in your life, that moment in time when you’re sitting down to trade – you are adding set of beliefs and emotions you are adding into the mix with the beliefs of the strategy….

So whether you are you elated? or you’re depressed,  extremely happy and overconfident, or are you’re emotionally drained?

Or Stressed? You know, whatever is going on, what’s causing that? What’s causing that polarity?

That’s situational beliefs.

And then you’ve got the Inherent beliefs, the beliefs that are embedded in us on a cellular level.

That is essentially related to our self-worth.

Our sense of deserving our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with money and the world around us.

The second and the third beliefs, when you add them to the mix of the

first belief, which is the strategy, you now have a mix that is not tested,

that is not proven to be consistent and most definitely NOT HIGH


That has not been proven with high probability to work and be profitable.

That is why it is so important to understand your beliefs.

What they are at any given time, whether they be situational or inherent.

That’s why it’s vital to be aware, alert and be able to address those beliefs in order to be able to apply the beliefs of the actual strategy appropriately.

Accurately. Consistently. So that your trading can be profitable.

And that’s essentially as basic as it gets.

That will be the difference between you either losing and crashing and burning and trading or just going around in circles.

You had just a little bit up, little bit down, little bit up, getting nowhere.

Or absolutely crushing it in trading and reaching your target at least 10 months of the year and compounding your account and getting the financial security that you’re seeking, which is why you got into trading.

That is why last night we opened up our Trading Business in a Box for enrollment.

Our all new enhanced Trading Business in a Box, a new product that includes everything that you could possibly need to be profitable in trading.

We dive into all the elements that you need in terms of understanding your beliefs, as well understanding the strategy beliefs.

That’s the two strategies we have in the Tribe of Traders.  Pogo and Bugsy.

Understanding that, but also understanding the situational beliefs that you will have at any given moment in time when you’re facing the charts.

And how to address that, how to deal with that, how to be aware of it.

And then also, bringing out to the light what your beliefs about yourself are.

With your relationship with money, your sense of deserving,  your why,  your values all of those elements that will contribute to your beliefs, your inherent beliefs.

What this package / program will do and all the component parts of The Trading Business in a Box product will do for you, is you will be able to get really clear and dive deep into each of those elements.

Get really clear and know exactly what it is you need to do in order to ensure that whatever the beliefs are that you bring into the market, the strategy, the situational and the inherent, you will be approaching it from a heart centred place and not a polarised perspective, allowing you to essentially trade the market and not trade your beliefs in the market.

We opened enrollment last night and it’s an incredible offer.

Here is the link 

I have absolutely no doubt that when you join the Tribe, your trading will change. There’s no doubt about it.

Well, it has to change, right?

But more than that, so much more will change for you as well.

So ask yourself, do you want to make 2020 the year that changes everything?

The year 2020 your eyes open to the possibility of what your life could be and you know, have a whole new experience for the next decade and beyond?

If so, come and join and enroll in the all new Tribe of Traders Trading Business in a Box product.

Because we have thought of everything, there is everything that you need right down to understanding and addressing your beliefs and improving and growing your relationship with money.

All the way through to actually trading our two profitable strategies – POGO & BUGSY –  that are designed to save you enormous amounts of time and take stress out trading.

So I look forward to seeing you there. We’ve got this offer open until 5th December. So hopefully we’ll catch you then.